Friday, November 5, 2010

Is Doggie Daycare For My Dog?

We recently read a feature article in The Whole Dog Journal entitled "Doggie Daycare Can Be a Wonderful Experience: But is it For My Dog?" by Pat Miller. The article begins with a long discussion about what makes a suitable or unsuitable candidate for dog day care, such as his ability to get along with other dogs, age and health, whether he experiences separation anxiety or his need for some fine-tuning of social skills. But just because your dog isn't ready for daycare now doesn't mean that he can't be ready at a later date.

Morris K9 Campus offers a lot of services (daycareobedience, agility, fun events) to help dogs with behavioral and social issues become more comfortable in a variety of situations. For example, in daycare, we often encounter clients who may have a fearful dog with poor social skills. We have had success boosting their confidence and getting them to interact appropriately with other dogs. For dogs who may not be suitable for daycare, we can offer one-on-one private lessons, Boot Camp and day training.

Morris K9 Campus Daycare Room
The latter half of this article offers some great tips for assessing a doggie daycare if you are in the market.  The author suggests touring the facility prior to leaving your dog there, meeting the staff, asking about vaccine requirements, how play groups are determined, etc. All wonderful advice and practices we enforce every day at Morris K9 Campus. As Pat Miller suggests in her article, our play groups are carefully matched by size, age and play style. You're welcome welcome to call or stop by any time for a visit; any of our staff members would be happy to answer your questions, take you for a tour or discuss our safety policies and screening process. 

At Morris K9 Campus, our goal is to successfully match you and your dog with a program that increases all-around comfort in varying environments, improves behavior and leads to a better quality of life for everyone. 

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