Friday, March 11, 2011

Jump for Joy: A Solution for Dog Jumping

We know our dogs love us as much as we love them. One of the ways dogs express their emotion for us and others is by greeting us enthusiastically--tail wagging, wet kisses, and over abundance of happiness that can include jumping. Unfortunately jumping on us, or worse our guests, can be an irritating problem. 

Here are some tips to nip that bad habit in the bud so you and your dog can enjoy your time together:

The Turn Around Approach
 When you arrive home, as soon as your dog jumps on you, turn away. Keep turning away from your dog if she continues to follow and jump on you, until she stops.

The Cold Shoulder
Give your dog the cold shoulder when you return home and ignore her for 5 minutes. This might be difficult but if you make a scene when you arrive, your dog will only become extremely excited and be more likely to jump on you. The less of an ordeal you make your arrivals and departures, the less your dog will make of them.

The Sit Approach
The second your dog jumps on you, tell her, “Sit” or “Down” and shower her with praise and love or a small treat as soon as she complies.

The Leash Method
Keep your dog on a leash when you get home and have her sit. If she jumps up, pull her leash taught so she can’t jump and is forced to sit. Praise her when she sits.

Toy Time
Throw your fuzzy friend a toy or her favorite bone when you enter the house to entertain her and keep her distracted from the temptation of jumping.

Once you have found an approach that works for you and your dog, you can request that your guests  reinforce this approach to help your dog become a well behaved companion in all situations. 

Which approach works for you?


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