Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Eco-Conscious Canine

The green movement has unquestionably swept the nation and by now, you have probably jumped aboard the environmental band wagon and are doing your share to ensure the longevity of our planet for generations to come. Maybe you hang your clothes out to dry, carpool to work, and are tenacious about recycling. But did you also know that it’s possible to reduce your dog’s carbon paw print? We don’t expect your pup to start picking up litter on the sidewalk during your daily walks, (though we’ve heard it’s possible, Ruby a golden from Colorado does just that) but there are small lifestyle changes that can be made which are not only better for the planet but also your cuddly canine.  In honor of Earth Day, we have outlined some green-savvy tips to help you and Fido help the planet.

-Biodegradable Poop Bags: If you haven’t yet made the jump to canvas bags, use all those leftover plastic bags as poop bags on your dog’s walk. If you are already a canvas bag junkie, pat yourself on the back and use bio-degradable bags for your dog’s eliminations. These bags are compostable and can be flushed down the toilet so they don’t sit stagnant taking up space in landfills. 

-Donate dog toys: No one understands more than we do that your dog is your child. But having two toy boxes full of dog toys might be overwhelming for your dog, not to mention wasteful. Buy durable toys that won’t be destroyed an hour after your dog gets hold of them, and give them a quick wash when they get dirty. You can donate toys you no longer want to shelters where homeless dogs would be more than happy to play the day away with Fido’s hand-me downs.

-Green your dog products: As the environmental movement gains ground, so too do natural products ranging from your shampoo to the paper towels you use. The dog industry has seen its share of amazing innovative earth friendly products. From compostable dog food Becobowls, made from natural fibers like bamboo, to toys made at Planet Dog from leftover recycled materials.

-Spay or neuter: Spaying and/or neutering your dog not only fixes numerous behavioral problems but ensures we don’t continue to overpopulate our planet with canines that may wind up in shelters.

-Adopt a dog: Shelters across the country are overflowing with dogs that have come across hard times. Provide them with the loving warm family they desire and deserve. Let’s celebrate the lives of wonderful dogs already in this world!

These are only a few helpful tips. How have you and your dog gone green?


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