Monday, June 20, 2011


Last week we taught you how to connect with your dog in the upcoming summer months by playing fetch with your spunky pal in the warm outdoors. This week, we present another fun-loving alternative that is sure to have you and your pup moving in sync together. Cue up the conga line and step into rhythm, its time for Doggy Dancing! If you and your dog want more ways to have fun together, Morris K9 Campus has got you covered!

What is Doggy Dancing?!
Don’t worry, we haven’t gone crazy, doggy dancing, or musical canine freestyle, is the newest and coolest activity to sweep the dog-nation. Doggy dancing is a modern dog sport that is competed in many parts of the world. However, it is the perfect activity for those who just want to have fun with their dog. Doggy Dancing is influenced by musical kur, a form of the equine sport, dressage, which puts a horse’s tightly controlled movements to music.

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How Does Our Doggy Dancing Class Work?
Morris K9 Campus will get you started with the very basics. We combine off-leash obedience training with enjoyment and motivation. You will learn to do heeling formations, group formations, pace changes and turns as well as a slew of tricks such as circles, flipping to heel, sit between legs, weave through legs, and jump through arms, legs or hula hoop. Eventually, your imagination will be the only limit to the tricks, turns, and freestyle moves you and your dog will perform in harmony.

Who Should Try Doggy Dancing?
This class is recommended for any dogs that have taken basic obedience or agility classes at Morris K9 Campus or the equivalent at another school, or for owners that want an opportunity to enliven their dog’s life with more interactive activity.

When is Doggy Dancing?
Doggy Dancing will be offered Sunday, July 10 at Morris K9 Campus from 11AM-1PM. Click here to enroll today!

Here's a preview of some steps you and your dog will learn in our Doggy Dancing Workshop.

Does your dog want to dance?!

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