Tuesday, July 5, 2011


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There are many joys to summer; the warm weather, more hours of sunlight, watermelon, lemonade, and days spent on sandy beaches. But unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to these summer months as well. The humidity is so sticky you suddenly start sporting a new, not so nice hairstyle that consists of frizz and then some. Only being outside for 10 minutes can result in peeling sunburn and the heat can become so hot and oppressive you have trouble moving faster than a slug’s pace. All of a sudden, that house you wanted so desperately to escape in the winter months has become a cool refuge. Your dog agrees, but has started rummaging through the bathroom garbage as a source of entertainment. You however, may not find this quite as entertaining. Don’t worry, the following indoor games will amuse both you and your pooch while keeping you both comfortable and cool.

Hide and Seek
Have your dog locate his or her favorite toy by letting your fuzzbucket first sniff the toy and then hide it in another room. When your dog finds the toy reward him or her with a treat or praise and kisses. If your dog does not have a special toy and is more treat motivated, command your dog to sit and stay. Hide small bits of food around the room and have your dog use his or her nose and memory to find all of the delicious surprises. Reward with praise.

Magical Cups
Entertain your pup with your own magic show. On a carpeted floor for extra traction, line up three plastic cups and hide a treat under one of the cups. Have your pooch utilize their amazing olfactory senses to determine which of the three cups the tasty treat is hiding under. If your dog has a tendency to knock over the cups in a greedy haste to get at the goods, use something sturdier like mugs or small bowls.

Retrieve and Receive
It seems that every canine commercial or movie shows a dog triumphantly trotting with the morning newspaper clutched in his mouth to bring to the family as they enjoy breakfast, while birds chirp melodically outside in the background to herald the new day. Though we rarely see this in real life, it is absolutely possible to get your dog to retrieve things for you and will make your life a little easier. While allowing your dog to go out the front door without your supervision is risky and not recommended, you can always have your dog take the paper out to recycling or empty cardboard paper towel rods which are easy to grip in their doggie mouths as long as your recycling is indoors. Use praise, treats, and repetition.

Doggy Dancing
Throw on some tunes and get moving! Teach your dog some basic doggy dancing tricks at Morris K9 Campus’s Doggy Dancing Workshop on Sunday 7/10 from 11AM-1PM and practice them at home for some fun bonding time that is great for your dog’s mental stimulation and will impress all your friends.

If you are still looking for engrossing ways to keep your dog occupied in the steamy months ahead, don’t hesitate to stop by Morris K9 Campus where our line-up of interesting classes, fun weeks of daycare, and agility work will both physically and mentally engage your canine.

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