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For most of us, coming home to our dogs or picking them up from daycare can be the highlight of our day! The tail wag, the goofy grin and joyous licks, the wiggling body, and for some of us…a little tinkle. While we can appreciate and share their happiness concerning our return, cleaning up their yellow puddle is not quite the salutation we hope for. Some dogs pee out of excitement. We are accustomed to puppies with this issue but some adult dogs seem to maintain this behavior. When they do, it is known as “adult excitement urination.” While this can be associated with greeting new people or saying hello to their owner, this reaction can also happen when bringing their leash and collar out, grabbing their favorite toy, or getting in the car to go to the park. Whatever the cause for their excitement urination, rest assured that there are some simple solutions to help your adult dog overcome this method of expressing their happiness and anticipation.

Play Detective
Determine the cause that makes Fido urinate every time. Is it when you reach for the leash, is it the high-pitched voice you use to greet your dog when you come home? Once you have concluded the reason that makes your pooch pee, work on addressing that issue.

Change it Up
Now that you have isolated the reason that makes your dog squat and tinkle, work on fixing your behavior, yes yours. If you enter the house squealing and saying your dog’s name over and over again, it will only excite your dog who will sense the rising happiness in your voice. Tone it down for your dog’s sake and though it may be difficult, ignore your dog for the first 10 minutes after you walk in the door. Tell guests to do the same by not petting, talking, or even making eye contact with your dog. When your dog is calm, reward that behavior by petting your dog and praise him or her calmly. If your dog pees whenever you bring out the leash, let your dog outside first, and then put their leash on. If your canine leaves a puddle in the car, take your dog for a short walk before taking him or her on the road.

Confidence Boost
Since adult excitement urination can sometimes be related to your dog’s insecurity, it is very important to work on building your dog’s self-confidence. Teach your dog new tricks and reward with treats and praise. Try agility at Morris K9 Campus, a wonderful physical and mental outlet that has a great track record for improving dogs’ confidence levels. Bring fulfillment to your canine’s life by exercising him or her. Take your dog on long walks, work your pooch out on the canine treadmill at Morris K9 Campus, and socialize Fido by engaging with other fuzzy friends. If your dog is up to date with vaccinations and has a good temperament with other people and dogs, try Doggie Daycare. If you are unsure how your dog will react with other wet-nosed pals, fear not! Morris K9 Campus offers a free half day evaluation to observe how well your dog plays with others, so try it out!

All dogs express their excitement in different ways. Some adult dogs continue this behavior. However, if you determine the root cause that leads to your dog’s yellow puddle, you can slowly work on eradicating this issue by adjusting your own behavior, desensitizing your dog, and by ensuring your pet is mentally and physically satisfied.

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