Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If your dog likes plush toys but tends to be a rough chewer, ripping through toys with stuffing everywhere in less than ten minutes flat, try the Muttpuppet! The Muttpuppet is a plush dog toy made without stuffing so you no longer have to worry about your dog choking on errant bits of fluff. Muttpuppets are reinforced with three layers of durable cotton material and nylon thread. The cute, funny faces stitched on them are just as goofy as your dog during playtime!

The Gift of Fresh Breath and Healthy Teeth
It is not easy to take care of your dog’s teeth. Unfortunately, we know that lack of dental hygiene can lead to bad teeth and gum disease in our beloved pets. Luckily, Tropiclean’s line, Fresh Breath, makes this easy. With the Clean Teeth Gel, you simply squirt it on your dog’s teeth, no brushing necessary and it helps reduce plaque and tartar. If your dog won’t let you near his or her mouth, add Tropiclean’s Water Additive to their water bowl to promote healthy gums and eliminate bad breath. Tropiclean products are conveniently available at Morris Animal Inn.

If your dog has gotten a booboo or had surgery and has been forced to wear an Elizabethan Collar while they recover, you know how annoying and cumbersome those protruding cones can be. Watching your dog bump into walls and struggle to move around because their peripheral vision is hindered by the cone is disheartening. Enter the BooBooLoon®! This invention provides easy mobility for your pet and acts as a soft pillow for your dog to relax on when not moving. It’s bad enough when your pet has an injury or needs surgery but on the off chance they do, be prepared and help your canine through the recovery process by ensuring their comfort with the BooBooLoon®.

Agility Classes
If your dog needs more stimulation, both mental and physical, sign your canine up for agility classes pronto! Agility will engage your dog’s mind while working their muscles. This canine sport will strengthen your bond with your dog as your furry friend learns to take directions and listen to you as their leader. Sign up for a Morris K9 Campus agility workshop to perfect a specific skill or to just get started with agility by signing up for a beginner class.

This is a smart present for you or any dog lover. Not only will training your pet make your own life easier, it will also help to deepen your relationship with your dog. Get started with Morris K9 Campus Pet Levels tranining program and train at your own pace.

Shelter Donations
For the dog that has everything, consider making a donation to your favorite local animal shelter in your dog’s name. You can also buy items from the shelter’s wish list and help make a shelter dog’s holiday special.

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