Thursday, January 19, 2012


January is in full swing and the bitter cold has sunk in. It would be a lot easier to keep our resolutions of staying healthy and happy if the New Year began in May. The only thing January motivates anyone to do is hibernate under a fleece blanket while shoving comfort food into their mouth!

Thank goodness for having a dog! Their constant want and need for exercise is not affected by the drop in temperature and aside from work, can be the only reason we venture outdoors and get our muscles moving in the frigid air! The regular daily walk can quickly turn mundane and be hindered by icy patches and a sun that sets too quickly. Read on for winter workout alternatives that will get both you and your canine moving and having fun!

When a thick blanket of snow has settled, rent snowshoes and take to the trails with your pooch in tow! Where your boots may sink, your snowshoes will tread with ease. You can burn 400 to 1000 calories in an hour depending on how fast you walk and what gear you carry according to Michele Borboa, MS. If you don't own a pair of snowshoes, sporting stores like REI will let you rent them.
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If you have a working dog with lots of energy and you want to try something completely different, try skijoring. Skijoring is a winter sport that consists of a cross-country skier being pulled by a horse or a dog. You can have one, two or three dogs pull you. As the handler, you wear a harness with a metal ring that attaches to your dog. This is a great option for dog owners with Alaskan Malamutes, Huskies, Chinooks and other sled dog breeds.

If you prefer the warmth of the indoors, check out agility! Agility works your dog physically and mentally. It increases your bond with your dog since you must have great communication with your canine in order to navigate the course successfully. Running around the agility course is a great way for you to burn major calories as well. To make sure you can keep up with your dog, Morris K9 Campus is offering a unique day of fitness training for handlers only that will be instructed by a Nike SPARQ certified trainer on 2/26/12 from 1PM - 4PM. The philosophies and techniques of the Nike SPARQ Program will be implemented to improve your speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness.

Canine Treadmill
Though the canine treadmill is not technically a workout you and your dog can do together, it is a great fitness alternative for Fido in the winter. Rather than shiver in the cold air or worry about icy patches you may slip on, the canine treadmill lets you safely and warmly exercise your dog in the comfort of Morris K9 Campus. You can either exercise your dog on our treadmill yourself, or drop your dog off at Morris K9 Campus and we will work your pooch out for you!

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  1. January is a hard for everyone. Winter work out with your dog is perfect. It will get you and your dog out of the house and moving. I have heard that snowshoeing is a great weight to excerise in the winter with your pooch. I think we should all give it a try if you have the time.