Friday, April 20, 2012


Basic training is always helpful. Behaviors like stay, come, settle, and lay down help us to teach our dogs to be great pets. In group training classes, humans learn how to effectively communicate what they want to their dogs. There are some dogs that may need a training program specifically designed for them. A specialized training plan that is built around the needs of the dog and the family that is training him or her is called a behavior modification plan.

When creating a behavior modification plan a certified dog trainer will evaluate what the problem is and why it's happening. It is important to solve what the dog gets out of the unwanted behavior. After answering these questions, and with help, your trainer will make a plan to change the behavior.
A typical behavior modification plan will include:


Exercise and constructive play

Helping the dog's owners to become effective communicators

Instituting a nothing in life is for free program

Teaching the dog appropriate responses

Setting goals for dog and family to meet

If basic training is not enough for your pooch, don't worry and most of all don't give up! Our trainers at Morris K9 Campus know how to work with you and your dog to create a comprehensive behavior modification plan through private lessons. Every dog has the potential to be great dog and we can help you achieve that goal with time, patience, and an awesome behavior modification plan!

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