Thursday, May 3, 2012


Special thanks are in order! We couldn't have done it without you! You spoke, or rather, voted, and they listened! This week, Morris K9 Campus was voted as the BEST PET CARE facility in the Randolph/Roxbury area for the Daily Record's BEST OF THE BEST 2012 READER'S CHOICE AWARDS! Thank you to everyone who voted!

We strive to meet our pet owners expectations and are always looking for more ways to increase options to meet your needs. That's why we are now offering 2 new daycare options; Play and Train and Train and Fitness which are available Monday through Friday.


This option allows your dog to play the day away while also teaching and reinforcing new commands and obedience skills. This option is great for families that have limited time to practice training exercises with their pet or for dogs that have taken pet training classes here or the equivalent at another school and need help reinforcing behaviors. Your canine companion will enjoy all the fun play of regular daycare with the added benefit of reinforced training which means you get to take home a better-behaved dog!


This daytime training selection is perfect for dogs that aren't necessarily appropriate for daycare but need an exercise outlet and reinforcement of training. Your dog's cardio sessions can include a treadmill session, ball time, individual play time or group play. In addition, your pal will receive reinforcement of commands and obedience skills. Your pet will get fit and become better behaved, all in a day's work!

To learn more about our new daycare options call us at 973-252-5100!

We hope to keep providing you with the best of the best!

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