Friday, July 6, 2012


Inspired by Ginger, a Catahoula Leopard Dog who successfully went through a month long weight-loss challenge at our sister company (Morris Animal Inn), we decided it was our time at Morris K9 Campus to give back and improve the adoption chances of an already awesome rescue dog. Meet Allie, a young Pointer mix, currently up for adoption by Eleventh Hour Rescue.

Allie Pointer, as they call her, is a two-and-a-half years old. She was dropped off at a shelter in Tennessee with her six puppies, but it didn't take long for Eleventh Hour Rescue to pick her up and bring her to New Jersey. Since she made the journey, she has been in a foster home arranged by Eleventh Hour for the past two months. Allie is still looking for place she can call her forever home. 

From what we can see so far, Allie is a spunky, friendly, happy dog, but there are a few training areas that could use a little fine tuning to help Allie become an even better pet. That's where the Morris K9 Campus Boot Camp program is helpful. The program itself is a training service that runs for a month, Monday through Thursday, where the pooch receives personal attention from our dog trainer and support staff. The program is designed to implement and train important life skills that transforms an already great dog, into an outstanding one. Life skills can include anything from recalls (i.e. come), to loose leash walking, no jumping, sit quietly for petting. The goal is for the owner to pick two to three behaviors that they think their dog could use a little extra help on and we work to reinforce that behavior. The consistency of the program contributes to each dogs success.

With Allie, we noticed she needs to learn how to walk loosely on a leash. On her first day, she was fitted for a no pull SENSE-action harness  and began working on skills that would improve her on-leash habits. According to her foster mom, within the first day, her on-leash behavior had greatly improved. Her foster mom took her for a nice long walk on the 4th of July and said not only did Allie enjoy it thoroughly; she didn't pull her on their walk!

When Allie isn't polishing up her social skills, she enjoys fun romps with the other dogs at Morris K9 Campus, a benefit to almost any dog in Boot Camp; they get to spend quality time with other dogs that love to play. Allie is an outgoing pooch and loves to chase after toys!

With over three weeks left to go, Allie is sure to make improvements that will make her an even better companion, after all, who wouldn't want an already trained dog? We’ll let Allie take it from here to let you know how her Boot Camp sessions are going.

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