Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recognizing Recall


Our Play and Train program is designed so that your dog can play the day away while learning new commands and training skills. The only requirement is that your dog has been approved for daycare! Two of our most popular Play and Train skills are loose leash walking and "come" (getting the dog to recall).


Cleo and Lauren attention and focus.

There are many important steps that lead to having a dog with good leash skills. First, you want your dog's attention and focus to be on you. In order to accomplish this there are games you can play with your dog, such as name game. All it entails is you getting your dog's attention with the food and saying his/her name as the food follows from your eye line to your dogs.

Cleo and Lauren loose leash walking.

Next, you want to teach your dog where to walk. You cannot get upset for having a dog that doesn't walk properly if you have never showed them the right way to do it. In order to do this, pick which side (left or right) you would like your dog to walk on. Always practice walking with your dog on that side.



"Come" is the most important thing you can teach your dog. It is literally a life saver. When teaching "come" you want to make sure your dog is always successful. This means starting off easy. You always want to use an enthusiastic tone! Your dog is not going to want to come to you if you are using the same voice as when he/she gets in trouble. You have to be more exciting than whatever it is you are calling your dog away from.

 Jack has a great recall in group, this is an advanced skill! 

To inquire more about Play and Train, please call 973.252.5100 or visit our website.  If your dog does not prefer the company of other dogs we offer an alternative Train and Fitness program!

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