Thursday, September 27, 2012

Keep Your Dog Active With Puzzle Toys!

With the dog toy market constantly evolving, there is now a new trend - Puzzle Toys. These interactive toys work well at keeping your pooch’s mind agile. Not only will they keep your dog entertained but they will also complement your dog’s training.

Trainers at Morris K9 Campus recommend a variety of interactive toys that can keep your dog amused while you are away from them as well as games that you and your pooch should do together.

Ball in Ball/Rover Rescue

The concept of the ball in ball is simple. There is a tennis ball located inside a larger rubber ball, in which your dog must figure out the right configuration to remove the tennis ball from the larger ball. The toy encourages the dog to problem solve, and like all interactive toys, makes them work for their reward, which is a vital component of training.

A toy similar to the ball in ball, which is also available at Morris K9 Campus, is Rover Rescue, the concept is the same as the ball in ball, and the difference being that instead of a tennis ball it contains a squeaker toy. The change allows you to pick the toy that best suits your dog’s preferences.

Magic Mushroom/Kibble Nibble

The Magic Mushroom and the Kibble Nibble are both treat dispensing toys, that after an initial supervised play, you are able to leave the dog alone with the toy. The toy is designed to hold treats, and as your dog plays the treats will randomly fall out. The treat dispensing toys are great for dogs that suffer separation anxiety, as it can keep them entertained while you are away.

Star Spinner Dog Toy Puzzle
The Star Spinner is a treat-hiding game that has ten chambers, it’s a great mentally stimulating game for your dog, and can be a great way for you to bond with your pooch. The ten treat chambers within the three layers, means your dog has to find that proper rotation in order to get all the treats. The toy also has an adjustable knob, which allows you to increase or decrease the resistance, and adjust the toy accordingly. The toy should always be used under supervision, but that allows you and your dog to be able to work at solving the puzzle together.


The Kong is a great training tool, and has been used by dog owners for years. The toy, which made of rubber and is hollow, is designed to be stuffed with treats, and can be used to entertain high energy dog, as well as having the benefit of cleaning your dogs teeth. The toy can be stuffed with anything from, treats, to toothpaste, to peanut butter and will keep your dog busy and out of trouble for extended periods of time.

So perhaps you should consider puzzle toys to stimulating your dog’s brain. There are toys that can be beneficial to both you and your dog. You can find all of these toys for sale at Morris K9 Campus or if you need a recommendation for your dog, we will be happy to help.

Has your dog used a dog puzzle and did they like it?


  1. My dogs LOVE puzzle games! The trick is finding ones that aren't too easy for them and make them think! Nina Ottosson puzzles are great. The trickiest ones I have found are by Trixie. You can get them cheepest at They are only sold on-line at this time. Because of all the puzzle toys they have, my dogs figured out on their own how to unscrew the cap off a treat container!!! Guess they were looking for a new puzzle!!! lol!

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