Friday, October 26, 2012

Doga (Yoga class for Humans and Dogs)

Looking for a rewarding new activity for both you and your dog? Morris K9 Campus is pleased to introduce Doga (Yoga class for human and dog). This specialized class is aimed to incorporate your dog into Beginners Yoga, which will include gentle stretching, basic Yoga Poses (Asanas), breathing exercises/techniques (Pranayama’s) and relaxation. The class will be taught by a certified Yoga instructor Karin Kolsky, in conjunction with the assistance of our certified pet trainer Robin Lash, CPDT-KA.

Who should attend Doga?

People who:

• want to have fun with their dog

• want to get into shape

• would like to decrease their stress

• love yoga and would like to incorporate their dog

Dogs who:

• need stimulation

• are out of shape

• have a hard time settling down

• are anxious and fearful dogs

The goal of Yoga is to balance the Mind, Body, and Heart. The added benefits are improved health, emotional well-being, mental clarity, joy in living, and a stronger and more flexible body. Plus having your canine friend next to you will help to achieve relaxation faster and create a stronger bond for both of you.

Doga is a four week session and runs Wednesday nights at 8:30pm, starting November 14.

Because a calm environment is necessary for the success of this class, we must ask that dogs with a strong tendency to bark or that are aggressive towards people or other dogs do not attend. Please contact our staff for a recommendation for other programs Morris K9 Campus offers.

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