Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Foods are Safe for Your Pooch

With Thanksgiving this week, you’re probably preparing to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, but it might leave you wondering what foods are safe for your pooch to feast on. Before you feed your dog their Thanksgiving feast, check out this list of what foods your dog can and can’t have.

If you’re looking to feed your dog Thanksgiving scraps, these foods mentioned below would be perfect. However, as all things everything should be consumed by your pooch in moderation, and we don’t recommend that your dog eats everything on the list.

Turkey: Cooked boneless Turkey can be great for your pooch, just make sure you leave off the skin so you avoid giving your dog too much extra fat.

Sweet Potatoes: You might be making a sweet potato casserole covered in marshmallows, but stick to the plain cooked kind for your dog.

Apple Slices: If your baking that Fall apple pie, your pooch can enjoy a few slices of fresh apple before you put them in the pie.

Mashed Potatoes: Your pooch might just love some mashed potatoes, plus they make a great stuffing for a Kong as well. Just leave out the gravy if it’s high fat content.

Vegetables: Plain veggies can be great for your dog, without the added butter. Corn, broccoli, string beans and carrots are great way to give your dog some nutrients.

Pumpkin: It can be great for your dog’s digestion after their Thanksgiving feast, but make sure you stay away from pumpkin pie and pumpkin filling, which both have sugar added.

Cranberries: They are proven to be great to help clear out your dogs’ urinary track, just watch the sugar in them to make sure your pooch isn’t getting too much.

Thanksgiving can be enjoyable for your dog, but keep their feast to a minimum. You shouldn’t over indulge your pooch.

For safety reasons, there are a few foods your dog should not eat. .

Turkey Bones: Bones that are not made for dogs can be disastrous for them. The cooked bones from your Turkey can splinter and cause your dog harm, and possibly an unscheduled trip to the vet. Stick to bones from the pet stores that are made for your pooch. You can even stop into Morris K9 Campus and get one of our holiday turkey legs made just for your pooch, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Stuffing: Everyone seems to love stuffing but it’s one of the worst things for your pooch at the dinner table. Most stuffing recipes contain onion, garlic and sage, three of the main things your dog should always stay away from, so keep your pet healthy and keep them away from the stuffing.

Desserts: Even though your four-legged friend might be begging for that last piece of pumpkin pie, they should stay away from all desserts. So don’t give into those puppy dog eyes and keep them away for the sweets.

You and your pooch can have a great Thanksgiving together, but if you want to keep your dog entertained when you are eating, make them a Kong stuffed with some of the dog safe Thanksgiving foods and let them enjoy while you are feasting yourself. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!



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