Friday, December 14, 2012

Three Most Important Things to Know About Housetraining Your Puppy

1. Crate Training***

The crate is one of the most important training tools in the development of your puppy. Some benefits are:

• If used as a training tool combined with a schedule, it makes potty training very easy.
  1. It allows you to schedule and monitor patterns of bathroom habits
  2. It helps your dog learn where going to the bathroom is acceptable
  3. It reinforces housebreaking in such a way that it builds their ability and capacity to “hold it” when they are alone for longer
• A crate helps your dog learn how to self-soothe or gaining the ability to calm themselves and find comfort in being alone.
• It provides essential management during the “chewing” phase. 

Piper is getting the reward of playtime because she went to the bathroom outside successfully.

 2. Feeding Schedule

Having a regular feeding schedule is vital for the puppy and human when trying to housetrain:
• A feeding schedule and bathroom breaks should be timed together - realistically scheduled around the owners life schedule

• It gives you a bathroom “time period”, alternative to a dog that may go to the bathroom at any hour of the day unpredictably

• This helps predict when number two will most likely happen

3. Routine/Consistency

Dogs thrive on routine. Many things that a puppy experiences and learn will carry through the rest of their lives. This is essential because:
• It makes a distinct potty pattern for your dog

• It becomes a method of “accident prevention”

• It takes away confusion of outside vs. inside bathroom habits as to what is allowed and what’s not

• If you live in a multi-person household it is imperative that a routine is followed so that every member can follow it and leave no room for unplanned accidents.

Morris K9 Campus offers a Monday to Friday weekly program to help do this for you. Call us at 973-252-5100 for more information or visit

Caesar taking time out for a quick photo.

***Keep in mind that Morris K9 Campus recommends that no adult dog should be crated for more than six (6) hours. Depending on a puppy’s age, we recommend that you follow the one (1) hour per every month of age method, based on housetraining progress. Adjustments may need to be made based on how well or not your puppy is doing with their potty training.

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