Friday, January 11, 2013

Week Two – Abbie and Livvy’s Pet Therapy Prep Class at Morris K9 Campus

This week we continue to follow the daycare manager Abbie and her six-year-old Shepherd mix Livvy through the pet therapy prep class, as they get another week closer to the evaluation. With the first class done, they have two more weeks to work on the skills necessary to make sure Livvy passes her Creature Comfort certification.

Livvy is introduced to the medical equipment.
Even on week one, Abbie felt Livvy would make a great therapy dog. She said, “I can tell that she is low stressed in a high excitement environment,” which is good, but she added that Livvy still has a lot to work on in the two weeks leading up to her evaluation.

The benefit of the three-week course is to identify and fix any problem areas in order for both the owner and dog to succeed. Abbie mentioned Livvy needs to work on “Leave it,” especially with food, and “No jumping.” This is something they are continuing to focus on outside of class. “To teach her a different behavior gets her the attention that she wants. For example, Livvy has to be sitting or have four on the floor in order for anyone to pet her.”

Morris K9 Campus pet trainer Robin Lash, provides owners and their dogs with the tools they need to succeed, handing out weekly self evaluations detailing home instructions.

Livvy works on down and stay commands.
Since last week, Abbie says that Livvy’s behavior in class has improved greatly, commenting that she is “calmer in class than she was last week,” a trait that is essential in therapy dogs.

Next week is the final week of the prep class. Then they have one week to practice before the evaluation takes place through Creature Comfort Pet Therapy. We will continue to track Abbie and Livvy’s progress to let you know how they do.

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