Friday, May 3, 2013

Prepping and Planning for Summer Pet Activities

The weather is getting warm and there is no better time to get outdoors and explore new things with your dog. Whether you are the adventurous type or just want to enjoy a casual outing to get some fresh air, there are plenty of fun activities that both you and your pup can enjoy. Before you take in the scenery together, you should gather the summer essentials necessary to keep your pooch safe in the great outdoors.

Essentials for Summer Outdoor Activities with Your Dog:

  • Travel bag: The perfect place to carry all of your dog’s necessities; from water to treats, a good travel bag can hold everything.  
  • Collapsible bowl and water: Dogs need to be kept well hydrated in the summer weather. Whether the activity is extremely strenuous or not, be sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand.
  • Toys made to maximize summer fun: From toys that float to puzzle solving toys, you can keep your dog occupied in the warm weather with toys made to withstand the elements outdoors. 
  • Proper leash and collar: Whether your dog rocks a harness or wears a delicate leash and collar, make sure these tools are in good condition before heading outside with your dog. For tips on purchasing these items, read our recent blog post on harnesses, head collars, and more, here.
Once you are packed and prepared, you're ready to hit the trails, pavement or even sand with your pooch. Looking for someplace different but still dog-friendly? Try any of the following options:

Hiking: If you are looking for a workout for both you and your pooch, hiking is a great option. Not only will you be exercising your dog, but you can enjoy the benefits of a good hike as well. If you want to go hiking but can’t find a good place where you can bring dogs, check out the list of dog-friendly hiking trails in New Jersey.

Dog Beaches: If you have a dog that loves the water, you are in luck; a variety of beaches along the New Jersey shore line are dog friendly. Make sure that you check the beach hours beforehand because beaches that do allow dogs tend to have limited hours. You can go to for a list of dog-friendly beaches.

Flea Market: If you want to get outside with your dog but don’t want to do anything too strenuous, flea markets can be a great place to bring your four-legged friend. The flea market is a great place for a walk that also introduces your dog to new social situations.

With the proper essentials, you can take on a new adventure with your pooch this summer. Stop by our lobby for even more advice on summer preparedness.  

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