Friday, June 7, 2013

Dr. Ian Dunbar at Morris K9 Campus

Does your dog do something that you just can’t understand? Are you interested in learning more about dog behavior and how it pertains to your pooch? Join Dr. Ian Dunbar next Saturday night at Morris K9 Campus as he takes a rare opportunity to answer the questions you have about your dog. Dr. Ian Dunbar is a well-known veterinarian and animal behaviorist who has been a pioneer in both puppy socialization and dog training.

Dr. Dunbar graduated with his degree in Veterinary medicine from Royal Veterinary College at London University, and received his doctorate in Animal Behavior from UC Berkley. He also founded the basis for positive dog training and introducing positive methods such as luring, which replaces ineffective punishment methods. These training methods eventually lead to Dr. Dunbar founding the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, known as APDT. The association is aimed at providing dog owners with the tools and resources they need to find dog trainers and advice on raising your dog.

Dr. Dunbar created the world’s first off leash puppy class, a revolutionary approach to the socialization and training of puppies. His innovative puppy class is the basis and foundation for the weekly puppy class offered at Morris K9 Campus.

Saturday June 15th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm is your chance to ask questions about efficient ways of training your dog. Whether you have specific or general questions, this Q&A session can greatly benefit both you and your dog. We believe that learning effective training methods is so important that we want to invite our blog readers to attend this session for FREE. All you need to do is register online. Register on our website at, enter the code DUNBAR13 for free registration and join us on Saturday the 15th ready to ask any and all questions about training your pup! This Q&A session is for humans only.

In addition to the evening question and answer session, Dr. Dunbar will be hosting a Fun and Games Dog Training Workshop on Saturday and Sunday, June 15th and 16th. As a part of his east coast seminar tour, this workshop presents a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with your dog and Dr. Dunbar! Visit the event website at for more information and to register.

From his Q&A to his hands-on workshops, these events will be an experience that no pet owner is likely to forget! Take advantage of this unique experience and register now!

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