Friday, August 2, 2013

Give your Dog some TLC!

Dogs need lots of TLC (Tender loving care). As much as your pup needs TLC, there is another kind of TLC that is just as important. We’re talking about Tags, License, & Chip;  three things that could keep your dog protected and safe in case of an emergency. According to Home Again, one in three pets will go missing at some point during their lifetimes. Are you doing everything you can to make sure your dog will return home safe? If you make sure your dog has their TLC (Tags, License & Chip), it will greatly improve the chances of your lost dog being returned home.

ID Tags
Your dog should be wearing current ID tags at all times. An ID tag can be the fastest and easiest way to help a lost pup find their way home; anyone can read the tag and give you a call. Remember to replace the tags when they become worn out or if you change any of your information, like your phone number or address.
Your ID tag should have all of the important information needed on it, including:

  • Dog’s Name
  • Phone Number: This should be the best phone number to reach you. You also can include more than one in case someone has problems contacting you.
  • Hometown/Address: Some people may feel that putting their full address is too much information, but it can be the easiest way to return a dog. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your address, you can just list your town. This way, whoever finds your dog can contact local vets or administrators in the area to help them get in contact with you.
  • Medical Information: If your dog has medical needs, it’s always beneficial to put these on their ID tag. This way if someone has trouble getting in contact with you, your dog’s medical needs can still be met.

It is a legal requirement to make sure that your dog is licensed in your town. Not only will licensing your pet help return them if lost, it helps local authorities track pet population numbers and ensure that dogs in the area are properly vaccinated for rabies. Another added benefit of registering your dog is most towns offer little to no cost vaccination clinics, but only if your dog is licensed.

Microchipping has the ability to bring any dog home no matter the distance your dog has traveled. The chip is small, about the size of a grain of rice, and is inserted in between the dog’s shoulder blades. Neither you nor the dog will be able to feel the chip, but in the case that they get lost, a simple scan by a machine can pull up all of your information. Veterinarians and shelters across the country are equipped with this machine; any dog that comes in as a stray first gets scanned to make sure they are not lost. Microchipping isn’t expensive, and can save your dog’s life. Since it is implanted under the skin, there is no fear about it falling off like a typical ID tag. Just like normal ID tags, however, it’s important to keep your information up-to-date with the company you registered the microchip with and to make sure you keep up with any fees.

With a little TLC, you can make sure the odds are in your favor if your dog ever runs away or gets lost. All three things are important to assure the safe return of your pooch in any bad situation.


  1. Really great post!! And catchy title ;) There can never be too many reminders for people to keep up-to-date identification on their pets.

  2. Fantastic post! Like Pam said, there are never too many reminders and I'll be sure to share this in hopes that it can reach more people. Thanks for this - really great!

  3. I really agree with your post that microchips are very essential for our pet while they lost. These chips useful to find the pet easily.