Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Festival Safety Tips

Come out this Sunday, October 20th from 12 – 4 pm and join the celebrations as we host our 3rd annual Tip, Tricks and Tails Fall Festival at Morris K9 Campus! But, before you come out and enjoy the festivities, here are some dos and don’ts to keep everyone, both humans and four-legged friends, safe. 

Do use the right equipment. Getting your dog on the proper no pull equipment can make events, such as the fall festival, easier for both you and your dog. With the correct equipment, you can easily have control over your dog throughout the day. Don’t have a no pull harness, but you’re curious and wanting to try one on your dog? Stop by our no pull station outside at the festival and get your dog fitted by one of our dog trainers!

Don’t come with your pooch on a flexi leash. While flexis can be appropriate in certain situations, the hustle and bustle of the fall festival, as well as the amount of people and dogs, can make flexis dangerous. Make sure you come to the fall festival with your dog on a short leash no longer than 6 feet, in order to insure the safety of everyone and every dog there.

Do keep an eye on your dog when you are looking at vendors or talking to people. As distracting as it can be when you are shopping at one of the many vendors or watching the agility match, make sure you keep a constant eye on your pooch to make sure they aren’t misbehaving. 

Don’t assume just because your dog is friendly and wants to meet everyone, that every other dog is friendly and wants to meet your dog.  Keep an eye on your dog and don’t let your pooch bombard another dog. Always ask before your dog approaches another dog, and make sure you watch your dog’s body language in order to make sure they are enjoying the situation. If you aren’t sure what good dog body language looks like, check out a post we wrote about reading your dog correctly

Do bring treats and reward your dog for good behavior. What a great environment this can be for training! The festival atmosphere can be overwhelming to any dog, so make sure that you are rewarding your dog for doing the right thing.

Don’t get frustrated with your dog. Remember this situation is new, so don’t take any frustration out on your dog. Instead of punishing your dog for poor behavior, change their behavior by asking them for a sit or grabbing their attention with a cookie and reward them for the good behavior. The fall festival is all about fun, so make sure your set your dog up for success and make this festival a great time for them!

Do have fun! Of course there are some easy rules to follow in order to keep the fall festival safe for everyone, but above all, have fun! The fall festival is the perfect place to do some shopping, learn more about our new specialty classes, have your pooch participate in a costume parade, adopt a dog or cat, check out our agility match and much more!

Remember that the festival is FREE but we will be collecting food donations, both dry and canned food, for the local shelters in the area participating in the event. We are looking forward to see you and your pooch on Sunday!

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