Friday, November 1, 2013

Adopt a Senior Dog Month - What age is right for you?

There are so many dogs up for adoption out there, but the question is, are there benefits to adopting a puppy compared to an adult dog, and vice versa? In honor of Adopt a Senior Dog Month this November, we are looking at the pros and cons of adopting a puppy and an adult dog.



Socialization window: If you get a puppy younger than 18 weeks, you will be getting a dog who is in their prime socialization window. This is the most impressionable time for your dog, which can be great for training and learning about the outside world. It also means that socializing them in every way possible during this time is extremely important. It will help reduce the fears that your dog could have later in life.

A lot of work: A puppy can be tons of work, from housetraining and working on chewing issues to obedience training. A puppy isn’t always easy, so make sure you have plenty of time to devote to your new dog.

Size isn’t always predictable: If you adopt a mixed breed puppy, you truly have no idea how big or little the dog might be as an adult. Keep in mind that adopting a small puppy doesn’t guarantee a small adult dog.



You know what you are getting: If you are adopting an adult dog, chances are you will know a lot about what you are getting, especially if you have a back story on the dog. It’s also good to keep in mind that the way your dog behaved at the shelter isn’t necessarily how your dog will behave when it gets comfortable in your home.

Behaviors can be harder to get rid of: With older dogs, you have to adjust your training and treatment options. Training habits out of adult dogs can absolutely be possible, but sometimes you need to adjust the solution to the problem from how you would train a young, impressionable puppy.

Adult dogs can tend to be a lot calmer: They often like to lounge around a lot more, but don’t mistake this as meaning they don’t need exercise. Yes, adult and senior dogs might not be as active as puppies, but they still need a decent amount of exercise and a lack of it can cause them to go a little stir crazy.

In honor of Adopt a Senior Dog Month, we are featuring a senior adoptable dog from the Randolph Animal Pound. Eight-year-old Indiana might be a senior dog, but she has energy to spare! She loves going on long walks and is outstanding on a leash. She would make a perfect addition to any home, and loves other dogs. We are so looking forward to visiting with Indiana and her new family that with her adoption, Indiana will be automatically signed up for FREE two month training membership at Morris K9 Campus! If you are interested in meeting Indiana, you can find out more information about her here

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