Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Job for Your Dog

Looking for something fun and rewarding to do with your dog? How about Agility! 

What Exactly is Agility?
Agility typically involves a dog and handler team navigating an obstacle course in a timed run. Each agility course is arranged differently by the Judge, and it is the job of the handler to guide the dog through the course cleanly and efficiently. Some common agility equipment includes the A-frame, SeeSaw, Weave Poles and Tire Jump.

With multiple categories and levels of competition, there is plenty of room for aspiring agility students. Of course, dog-handler teams can always pursue agility purely for fun as well!

What Can Agility Do For My Dog and Me?
Agility can be a fun and satisfying activity for dogs and their owners, but why else should you consider it? First, agility helps with off-leash control and is a great way to develop a true bond with your dog. If you participate in agility at Morris K9 Campus, you will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment, rubberized contacts and ergonomic flooring, which is gentler on both your joints and those of your dog. In addition, our agility ring is completely enclosed, heated and air-conditioned, so you and your dog can comfortably enjoy this activity year-round.

Is Agility Right for Us?

Generally, agility is best suited for dogs that are dog- and people-friendly, relatively in shape and focused, but we have found that dogs of any age and breed who are devoted to agility training can find it very satisfying. If you think you and your dog might enjoy participating in agility, please give us a call to schedule an assessment and to receive additional information about this fulfilling canine pursuit.

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