Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Reasons Why It's Good to Be A Dog in 2010

Considering the current state of the economy, you may be wondering if you chose the right time to welcome a new canine member into your family. The fact of the matter is that there are many more advantages to being a dog today than there were 25 years ago, so congratulate your dog(s) for arriving on earth at just the right time!

1.  Dog-focused activities are thriving. Dog camps, obedience, training, herding and tracking, agility, flyball and rally-o are readily available to dog owners looking to enhance their dog's quality of life.

2. Dogs who suffer from injuries or arthritis now have options. Acupuncture and massage have proven equally as effective for dog's ailments (and without the side effects) as medications.

3. Dogs are more welcome outside the home than they were 25 years ago. Many workplaces, businesses and shops now invite dogs as their guests. In addition, the number of dogs who live inside our houses as opposed to outdoors has nearly quadrupled.

4. Resources like Morris K9 Campus are readily available to help with canine behavioral issues. While dogs may have been euthanized for poor behavior in the past, many of these concerns can now be easily corrected with training or obedience.
5. Travel is easier. Whereas 25 years ago dogs may have had to be caged in a less than ideal kennel situation, there are now wonderful, even luxury lodging experiences available to dogs. Morris Animal Inn, in Morristown for example, is a perfect place for your dog to vacation while you travel! In addition, riding in cars is now safer for dogs due to crates.

6. Life on leash is way more comfortable for dogs today due to many innovative products like Snoot, Flexi, and Halti. Choke chains are a thing of the past.

7. Play is commonly accepted as a necessary part of a dog's development. Well-socialized dogs must play with toys, their owners, other dogs and other people to gain a sense of confidence and comfort in a multitude of situations throughout their lives. Play during puppyhood is now viewed as a critical part of this socialization process. From Kongs to specially-designed water toys to Jolly Balls, a dog's options for play are now endless, making for a much happier life!

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