Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do's and Don'ts for the Busy Dog Owner

You're a parent of 3, have a demanding job, or attend extracurricular activities each weeknight. And then there's your dog. Does this sound familiar?

Despite the fact that we all lead busy lives, it is critical to your dog's health and well-being to make the most of the limited time you have with him. Whether you are caring for, playing with or training your dog, the quality of the time you spend together has a significant effect on your relationship. Here are some basic Do's and Don'ts to help you make the most of the time you can devote to your dog:

  • Put aside time to walk your dog during the week even if you have a fenced in yard. Walks are a great way to bond with  your dog and provide mental stimulation as well as exercise.
  • Find what motivates your dog. Is it his nose? Toys? Whatever it is, use it to help reinforce manners positively.
  • Make a relaxed schedule for walks, exercise, and feedings. Dogs thrive on routine.
  • Leave your dog alone for long periods of time without exercise and stimulation.
  • Overlook your dog's successful performance of commands or tasks (reward him!).
  • Skip play times altogether because your time is limited.

For the times when life simply doesn't allow for you to be with your dog, bring him to Morris K9 Campus for a fun day of group daycare, one-on-one attention or training. By the time you come to pick him up, he will be happy just to see your face and to head home to his bed for a long nap.

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