Friday, July 20, 2012


This week Allie participated in our daytime Level Training classes! Allie began in Level 1 group training where she began with basic attention skills. These key skills are very important for Allie. Commands that are taught in Level 1 include 'sit', 'down', and name recognition. She picked up these skills so fast, she was able to be quickly moved up to Level 2! In Level 2 we continue with her loose leash walking, she is picking up stay very well, and her 'come' is fantastic!

We also introduced Allie to agility! She loved the tunnel as you can see from the video! We think she would be a great agility dog!

Allie is up for adoption through Eleventh Hour. Please call 973-664-0865 or visit Eleventh Hour's website for more information about her.

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