Thursday, July 26, 2012


Allie is in the front of the group during training class eager to learn!

We've heard some wonderful news that there is interest in Allie for adoption! We are all crossing our fingers that she will find her fur-ever home. To continue to further her chances the staff at MK9 wanted to give our reasons why we think Allie is so great:

We love that Allie is so happy to see us when she gets dropped off in the morning, ready for a fun day of training because:
- She loves people she doesn't know unconditionally
- She has a great combination of a sweet manner but playful personality
- She is so affectionate and gentle
- She has joyful puppy-like play especially when she chases tennis balls as if they were bunnies in the grass

"Allie is such a pleasure to work with.." says Morris K9 Campus Trainer Robin Lash. "Most of her success in training is due to that fact that she is such a smart eager-to-please dog!" 

Since Allie might be meeting new dogs as part of her adoption process, we want to show a video of Allie nicely and appropriately greeting another dog. We have loved getting to know her!

If you are interest in adopting Allie, please call 973-664-0865 or visit Eleventh Hour's website for more information about her.

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