Friday, February 22, 2013

Dog Training

Wrapping up the final week of Responsible Pet Owner Month, it’s time to take a look at what Morris K9 Campus believes it one of the most important things any dog owner can do for their pooch, dog training. Whether training your dog in group lessons, or in private sessions, it is important for your dog regardless of age or breed to go through training in order for them to become an outstanding dog. With training it is important that your dog begins training before you encounter an issue. It is very common that people only bring their dogs to training once they start having an issue, but if you bring your dog before you can correct issues before they even happen.

Training can greatly improve your dog’s behavior and can dramatically improve your dog’s quality of life. When you have a dog that is well trained, it allows you to bring your dog out into situations that you couldn’t have before. Dog training is important because it puts the tools that you need in place, and they are there when you need to use them. It’s important to learn how to properly motivate your dog, to make sure that you aren’t giving anything away for free and that you know what properly motives your dog.

Morris K9 Campus offers classes multiple times during the week, where the methods that we used are designed for all breeds and age of dogs.

Being a responsible pet owner means learning the proper skills in order for your dog to have the best quality of life possible. A great life for a dog starts with a good basics of training that allows your dog to do so much more. Morris K9 Campus offers a variety of different training options for you and your pooch including, group classes, private lessons, boot camp and much more. Whatever type of dog you have the perfect program is waiting for you.

Remember that being a responsible pet owner, isn’t just about one thing. It’s a combination of skills and tools that you use in order to make your dogs quality of life as high as possible. It also means not only respecting the needs of your dog, but respecting the needs of other dogs and humans. Hopefully this month gave you tips in order for you to become a more responsible pet owner.

This Sunday, February 24, Morris K9 Campus hosts a Pet Training Orientation from 5:00-6:00pm. Register at

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