Friday, March 1, 2013

Chew on This

Is your dog a destructive chewer, ruining everything you own? Hopefully this week’s De-Stress Fest will help relax you. It’s all too easy for your dog to be the reason you stress out. For the month of March, every week we will be taking a look at common ways that your dog can stress you out, and help solve them. This week we are taking a look at destructive chewing and ways that you can help occupy your pooch.

When a dog is chewing, one reason can be a lack of exercise. Every dog has a different energy level and therefore needs a different amount of exercise. If your dog is excessively chewing at home, getting out could do them a lot of good. It’s important to create an exercise plan that sets a minimum amount of time each week that will be devoted to your dogs exercise schedule. Consistency is key in order to keep your dog active. Just because you consistently bring your dog to the park one week, and keep them home the next because of the bad weather, doesn’t mean your dog is getting an adequate amount of exercise. Daycare can be a great option that allows your dog to be social with other dogs, while allowing them to expend their energy. 
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It’s important to have the proper tools for the proper situations. For example it is important to introduce your dog to toys that they are allowed to chew on, such as antlers , himalayan chews, stuffed bones or Kongs. This can keep your dog occupied and distracted from chewing on the furniture or other household items. It’s also important to make sure you have tools in place when you leave the house. Interactive toys are great, and keep your dog occupied while you are gone. However it is important to only allow your dog to have these types of things when you are not there. When you leave the house get the toy out, and when you come home put the toy away. It puts a value on the toy which can make your dog more interested in it. Eliminating your dog’s behavior that is stressful to you is crucial; it will allow you to live a better life for both you and your dog.

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