Friday, February 1, 2013

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month

February is responsible pet owner month, and to kick it off we are starting with your young four-legged friends.

So you just brought your new puppy home. The question is what makes a responsible pet owner and what can you do to allow your canine friend to live their best life? It is important to realize owning a dog is a long term commitment and should not be taken lightly. It’s also important to choose the right type of dog that is conducive your life style. Consider the time you have and the space available as well. Make sure you are prepared at home before bringing a new dog home.

Socialization is a key because as a puppy your dog will gain experiences that will determine what type temperament your dog will have as an adult. Morris K9 Campus offers a free puppy class on Saturdays, which is aimed at providing your dog a place where they will be introduced to anything that they may encounter in their adult life. It’s not only important to socialize your dog, but it’s extremely important to socialize your dog properly. The free puppy class provides the opportunity, to social your pooch in a controlled setting.

Puppy Dos and Don’ts:


• Do Train: Begin training your dog when they are a puppy, it’s better to train so you don’t have problems, rather than beginning once the problem occurs.

• Do Take your Puppy Everywhere: Introduce your dog to as many social situations as possible, keep in mind that a well socialized dog doesn’t just mean a dog that plays well with other dogs, it includes interactions with different people and social situations.

• Do Puppy Proof your House: It’s important to puppy proof your house, sure that anything eye level and below if your dog is standing on its hind legs.


• Don’t Scold your Puppy: It’s important not to frighten your puppy, instead of scolding them for bad behaviors, teach them proper behaviors.

• Don’t Leave your Puppy at Home: An under socialized puppy, can create a fearful adult dog.

• Don’t Leave your Puppy Alone Unsupervised: It’s important that if you puppy is unsupervised they are kept in a crate. It makes sure that your puppy stays out of trouble, so you can breathe easy when you leave them home alone.
Remember that being a responsible dog owner is the key to having a good pooch. It’s important to find the right dog for your life style and it’s your responsibility to help your puppy become a great dog. All Febuary long we will be looking at ways to help people become more responsible pet owner, so check back next week for more advice.

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