Friday, February 8, 2013

Health and Nutrition of Your Canine

With February being Responsible Pet Owner Month, this week the focus will be the health and nutrition of your four-legged friend.

When a dog is overweight it poses a serious health risk for the pooch. Not only are they more susceptible to seriously health problems, it can vastly cut your dog’s life short. These problems can be greatly reduced if you focus on your dogs health and nutrition. This way you improve their quality of life and possibly increase their life span.

Dogs aren’t able to control what they are eating themselves, so it is the responsibility of the pet owner to make those decisions for them. It is crucial that they are eating something that is nutritious, healthy and beneficial to them. Just remember that spending an extra few dollars on a high quality dog food can save you hundreds of dollars in medical bills. According to, a recent survey indicates over 50 percent of America's pet population is overweight or obese. Just like people, overweight dogs can face a litany of health issues. The potentially devastating consequences of obesity include:

• Trouble breathing

• Greater risk for heat stroke

• Pancreatitis

• Diabetes

• Orthopedic concerns

• Compromised immune system

• Reduction in life span

• Mammary tumors (particularly in un-spayed females)

• Skin conditions

• Heart problems

• High blood pressure

If you are feeding your dog dry food, The Whole Dog Journal recently published a list of their “approved dry dog foods of 2013.” Their list this year of dry food has expanded to what you can find at your local pet store, instead of having to only go to a pet specialty store. The Whole Dog Journal sites the reason for the change is due to consumer demand. Dog owners want better dog food and the pet food industry listened. Visit our lobby to ask for your copy of the approved list of food.

Treats can be a great reward for your dog, but remember that,” treat” implies that a dog doesn’t get it regularly. Treats should be used in great moderation, and if you are rewarding your dog every day, make sure that the treats that you are giving your dog are healthy and falls appropriately in their diet.

Just like humans, it is important for your dog to get the appropriate amount of exercise, in order to maintain a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. Whether you take your dog on a brisk walk, or taking a specialty class with your dog, exercise can be extremely beneficial to your dog.

Keep your dog on a well balanced diet and having a good exercise plan. It is up to you to keep them on the right track. Once again, if you would like to see the Whole Dog Journal’s approved Dog Food List for 2013, please visit our Lobby so we can give you a copy! Check back next week as we continue to look at how you can be a responsible pet owner.




  1. I recently changed my dogs food to a higher quality and she has never looked better!

  2. Cant wait to check out that list! Thanks for the info!

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