Friday, July 12, 2013

Never Leave a Dog Alone in the Car

Summer is here and with that the summer heat has arrived. This can mean more trips to the park, more fun playing outside and car rides with the windows down. Dogs can have very different reactions to riding in the car, which we discussed in our previous post on how to help an anxious dog in the car. What can make dogs most anxious, however, is the temperature in a car that isn’t running or moving. Within minutes a cool car can turn sweltering on a hot summer’s day, which means that dog owners need to be more conscious about leaving their dogs alone in the car. 

It is never safe to leave your dog in a car alone, for any period of time. Temperatures can reach a deadly point for your dog fast, even on a lukewarm day. Even open windows or air conditioning don’t prevent your dog from overheating. 

Before traveling with your dog, consider the many alternatives to leaving your pet alone in the car: 

Drive Thru: If you are out with your dog and want to stop to get a refreshing drink or snack, choose to go through a drive thru instead of a restaurant or store that would require you to leave your dog alone in the car. Within minutes, your car can get hotter than your dog can withstand, so do you pooch a favor and go through the drive thru.

Pet Friendly Stores: If you want to get your dog out during the summer heat, look for local stores that are pet friendly. This way you can enjoy shopping while your pooch stays cool.
Dog Friendly Restaurants: There are many restaurants with a dog friendly patio or other eating area that welcomes pets. A quick Google search will pull up restaurants in your area where you and you dog can both enjoy an outdoor dining experience. The Morristown Deli just opened their pet friendly patio where you can bring your dog, plus they have items on the menu just for your pooch!

Leave Your Dog at Home: If you have errands to run, leave your dog at home! It’s too hot outside to leave your dog in the car even when just picking up milk at the grocery store. Let your pup enjoy the air conditioning at home instead of being stuck in the heat.

Dog Daycare: If you have things to do but you don’t want to leave your dog alone at home, a great alternative is our dog daycare program. Our daycare is in a climate controlled facility so it’s a great way for your pooch to beat the heat and have some fun!

If you spot a dog in a car on a hot day, contact your local police department or the local animal control. Don’t ignore a dog in distress! Make sure that you keep an eye on the dog until the proper authorities have arrived, and make sure that your dog is never left in this dangerous situation. With the proper precautions, you and your pet can enjoy a road trip, as long as you stick together!

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