Friday, April 5, 2013

Outdoor Dog Games

With beautiful weather finally arriving, it’s a great time to get out and be active with your dog. There are many different ways to play with your pooch. A fun game will not only help improve the bond between you and your dog, but it will also help stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

Playing with your dog doesn't have to be complex, and it is a great way for them (and even you!) to get some exercise. Every dog has a different activity that they love, so try out a few to see which one your dog prefers. Here are some of the most common ways to bond, exercise and play with your furry companion:

  • Tag, You’re It!: Tag is a great game to play with your pooch that also reinforces good recall. The point of the game is simple; while your dog is distracted, give them a slight tap and run in the opposite direction. This will encourage your dog to run towards you, and reinforce their recall. You can also add in your dog’s name with the tap, which will only further reinforce this good behavior.

  •  Puzzle Games: Puzzle toys provide a way to stimulate your dog’s mind. They force your dog to think as well as use their nose to solve problems. Puzzle toys can be indoor or outdoor games. They provide a great way to keep your dog occupied while you relax. Remember that it’s important to supervise your pooch while they are playing with puzzle toys; dogs who solve them quickly can turn the toy into a chew toy. For tips on creating your own puzzle toys, check out last week’s blog post on DIY dog toys, here.

  •  Fetch: Fetch is a high-energy game that not only exercises your dog, it can train your pooch to learn the foundation for crucial skills like “drop it.” If your dog is known for taking the toy and running away with it after you throw it, play fetch with two toys. Once you throw the second toy, your dog is apt to chase that toy and drop the first one. Most dogs will learn to anticipate the second throw and begin to come to you and drop the toy regularly.

There are so many different games that you can play with your dog. These examples provide a good place to start. Try them out and see which one your dog loves, or make up your own fun game!

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